The Future of TinyPress

Mission & Vision

Our vision is to be the world’s most innovative open source writing company.

Our mission is to always choose to delight and surprise users with every decision we make. Our mission will always be centered around the open source writing movement, and the passion we want our users feel when they use our product.

Areas of Focus

TinyPress could be a lot of things for a lot of people, but it will only be the right thing if it is focused.

  • Theme & blog creation product (web)
  • Writing product (web, iOS, android apps)
  • Inspiration product (web) (more on this coming soon!)
  • More and lose focus?

Objectives & Key Results [Q4]

There’s a difference between measuring objectives for an entire company versus measuring objectives for a team, a product, or even an individual.

You should always start at the top, and with that being said here are the objectives for the fourth quarter @tinypressco.

  1. Increase writer base > 1,000%
  2. 95% positive reviews on our monthly “delight survey”

Product Goals [Q4]

In order to reach the above objectives for the company we need to set out specific product goals.

  1. Web: Product breakdown and competitive analysis.
  2. iOS: App cost projections and sourcing.
  3. Web: Responsive enhancements to the marketing pages.
  4. Web: Users should be able to edit all of the metadata for their blog (blog title, description, etc).
  5. Web: Users should be able to embed source code with language specific character highlighting.
  6. Web: Users should be able to show some level of empathy or affection for another person’s writing.
  7. Web: Users should be able to comment on another person’s writing.
  8. Web: Users should be able to browse inspirational feeds from within the service.
  9. Web: Users should be able to select from a large quantity of amazing and responsive themes.
  10. Web: Users should be able to share a post via Twitter/Facebook/etc.